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INO Nature 600 Bio Foliar
INO Nature 600

INO Nature 600 Nutrient Solution is produced from biological fermentation. It is mainly used to solve roots fungal infections like bacterial diseases that attack fruit trees. It can help to enhance the growth of soil beneficial bacteria and roots system by activating the soil nutrients. INO Nature 600 is an effective buffer formulation for controlling Phytophthora and bacterial diseases on a wide range of crops.

This unique formula regulates the delivery of nutrition and energy of the entire plant in order to ensure an effective diseases control on every parts of plant. INO Nature 600 can be easily absorbed by plants and to be delivered to every parts of plant through wood and bark.It has direct effects towards the plant in boosting its immune system so that the plant is able to fight against diseases itself.

While disease is invaded in a phosphating environment, the pathogen will be affected by bioactive phosphorus. This bioŠ\nutrient solution will trigger the defense system to send an “alarming signal'' to other healthycells that have not yet been attacked to enhance the protection of their cell wall.


To prevent diseases, especially Durian Phytophthora Disease and Dragon Fruit stem rot disease.

• To accelerate the regeneration of roots, to restore the fibrous roots that being damaged by herbicide.

• Helpful in regeneration of new branches and young leaves.
• For others plant symptoms due to nutrients deficiency: large area of etiolation, low growing rate, dysplasia of root.


1. Spray on the body of durian trees: Spray the mixture of Nutrient Solution 600 with Insecticide (without water added) directly to the          infected body or roots.

2. Repeat 2-3 times.

3. Regular spray the mixture (100-200ml + 20Liter water + insecticide) surrounding the roots once in every three months for           
    maintenance purpose.

It is suitable to be applied for other fruit trees as well. For crops like dragon fruit, it can be sprayed on rotten stem parts with dilution ratio
(1 liter of 600 Nutrients Solution: 2-3 liter water).


Keep in the original container, do not transfer into food or drink containers.

√ Recycle the plastic containers. Keep the container upright and completely sealed. Keep in a cool and dry area.
√ Avoid direct sunlight and heat.


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