Loose Fruit Picker
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Loose Fruit Picker

The Roller Picker (RP) is designed to suit all types of field conditions around the bases of the palms. The basic operation is to pick up all fruits on the ground with a simple mechanism which is similar to hand picking. The RP is easy to operate, faster and less strenuous to the collector.
Field trials were carried out at the MPOB / UKM plantation. The trials showed that the RP was capable of collecting, on average,30 to 60 kg of fruit, depending on the ground conditions. The collected fruits were not damaged and were free from debr


- Suitable for all types of field conditions.
- Increase productivity and revenue.
- Expedite the picking process.
- Reducing the tediousness of the worker.
- Able to pick up fruits free of debris.
- Light and convenient to maneuver. 
- The task is less strenuous and reduces back pain of the loose fruit collector.
- It results in debris-free collected loose fruits and increased palm oil quality is achieved at the mill.


- Handle made of aluminium
- Oval-shaped Roller made of stainless steel wires


- to collect and pick up loose fruits from the ground.
- to separate the loose fruits from debris.

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